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Roadside Giants East

Spring Goose
Shillington, PA
Photo courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

Here's a huge Spring Goose found in Shillington, PA.



Chard Furniture
Photo courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

Woodstown, New Jersey is home to a huge wooden chair, located in front of Chard Furniture.





Red Bull
Woodstown, NJ
Photos courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

This red bull is at the Cowtown Rodeo near Woodstown, NJ. The bull appears content as his friends Ashley and Justin join him for some mid-day sun. Accompanying this giant cow is this roadside man at the Cowtown.



The Captain's Table Shark
Photo courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

When was the last time you saw a shark while driving down the road. The shark is in front of "The Captain's Table" restaurant in Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Photo and info courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

Captain's Table Marquee
Photo courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf



Sturgis Pretzel
Shillington, PA
Photos courtesy Carl Schuetrumpf

The two pictures below were taken in front of Sturgis Pretzels, Route 222, Shillington, PA. One is a larger than life replica, and the other is on the front wall of the building and is made up of Ivy. This is a live plant that looks like a pretzel! The roadside pretzel is just a bit larger than the ivy one.



Sturgis Pretzel
Lancaster, PA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's another Sturgis Pretzel sign in Lancaster, PA. Another roadside pretzel catches the eye of the motorists passing by.




Renault Wine
Atlantic City, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Bob Jagendorf

There was an advertising company in NJ that made these large bottles as 3d billboards. There are still many around the state. This one advertising Renault Wine is in southern NJ near Atlantic City at a winery. Check out this latest image here.


Bayville, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

The champagne bottle used to be located at the Renault Winery, which is seen here. This bottle was bought by a propane gas supplier. As the bottle says they sell, "the champagne of propane". This one is located on US Route 9 in Bayville. 07-05










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