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Other Roadside Signage East


Ellis Bros.
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Check out Ellis Bros. Inc and the Phil's Gift Shop sign in the background. Two classic signs that appear to still be neon.



Mahaiwe Jewelers
Canaan, CT
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

A beautiful jewelry shop sign sits outside the Mahaiwe Jewelers. Note the intricate tube work in the diamond on top. A true art form that is becoming more rare as the decades go by.



Webb's Clothing
Stamford, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

Here's Webb's Clothing, a nice formal clothier still in business since the days of top hats and coattails.



Phil's Gift Shop
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The neon still works at Phil's Gift Shop in Binghamton, New York. A true flashback to a time when the main shopping district was Main Street America.



Warwick's Gowns
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Nearby Johnson City is Binghamton, New York. A town/city that appears to be "frozen in time", Binghamton still proudly displays it's early and mid-century signage. Warwick's Gowns is just one example of what this town carries.



Elgins Rugs
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Another well preserved sign is that of Elgins Rugs of Binghamton, NY. Stop by here if you'd like to cover your floor... This marquee has an Islamic design influence.



Walter's Shoe Store
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Walter's Shoe Store of Binghamton. A New York neighborhood shoe store. Looks like this shoe store has been business for quite some time by the looks of the old neon sign atop the roof.



Gene and Boots Candy
Monroeville, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Ever get that feeling while driving down the highway where you feel like getting something sweet to eat. Well, you're in luck. In business since the 1930's, Gene and Boots Candy near Monroeville, Pennsylvania is there off the roadside to give you a sweet to munch on. And while stopping (or even driving by), check out the famous Gene & Boots Candy sign with the classic barber shop peppermint stems. Just don't count on the Precious Moment sale.





Meats and Fresh Poultry
Baltimore, MD
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Here are a couple of nice neon signs (below) advertising Meats and Fresh Poultry. Both sign are found in Baltimore, MD.








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