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World's Largest Thermometer Deemed Eyesore and For Sale

Baker, CA - In recent years, the giant thermometer off the I-15 in Baker has seen its neon slowly disappear and now the thermometer has been dark for the past few years. According to Southern California public radio station 89.3 KPCC, the 134-foot structure no longer lights up and the owner claims he can't afford the electricity bill which runs about $8,000 a month. Some community leaders now want the Thermometer taken down.

Now the recent news is that the thermometer is for sale with an asking price of $1.75 million. Included in the price is a gift shop and a four-acre parcel.

Sources: 89.3 KPCC, LA Times

Henry's Tacos

North Hollywood, CA - After going through a round of cultural landmarking that won approval by the Cultural Heritage Commission (but never went to City Council), Henry's Taco's has been on a so called death watch. With posters saying that Henry's will lose its lease on December 31, 2012 and word spreading around, fans have come out in droves to eat tacos and show support.

The latest word is Henry's will run its business a couple of week longer until January 10 as two Henry's patrons have agreed to buy the business and wait to see if the landowner will accept their lease offer.

Source: LA Daily News

Hollywood Palladium Future Uncertain

Hollywood, CA - The Hollywood Palladium is about to be sold according to Curbed LA and its future is uncertain. The 72 year old theater has no historic protection that could save or at least delay any effort to demolish the building. December 2, 2012

"The Miami developer is believed to want to develop a luxury apartment or condo tower at the site"

Source: Curbed LA

Greenville Drive-in Theatre for Sale

Greenville, NY - The Greenville Drive-In, located in the Northern Catskills, in Greenville, NY is currently up for sale or lease. It is one of only 28 remaining drive-ins in New York State. The drive-in was built in 1955 and has been open each year up until 2011. The current owners would love to see it reopened.

Its screen and projectors were updated two years ago, and although it currently is a single screener, there is plenty of acreage for two or possibly three screens.

If interested, contact Barbara Brumeil at barbara@heartlandupstate.com. June 26, 2011

Save the Saucer

St. Louis, MO - Space age structure and former Phillips 66 gas station from the 1960's is in danger of being razed. The building, which was also home to Naugles, currently houses a Del Taco.

The latest word is the building owner would like to demolish this architectural gem and replace it with something more mainstream. According to this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, preservationists are working to save the structure and a Save St. Louis Del Taco Facebook group has now formed. As of 6/24, thousands of supporters have "liked" the page and the number continues to grow. Visit the Facebook page for more information on how to help save this space age structure from demolition.

Join the Save St. Louis Del Taco Facebook group for more info. June 24, 2011

Hi-Way Drive-in Farewell

Latrobe, PA - The Hi-Way Drive-in Theatre is to be torn down this summer and replaced by a CVS Pharmacy. Yet another open air theatre will soon be leaving the roadside landscape. June 22, 2011

Lake Drive-in Theatre Up for Sale

Celina, OH - The Lake Drive-in Theatre is up for sale and will no longer be operating as a theatre. June 22, 2011

Old Tony's on the Pier Threatened by Redevelopment

Since 1953, Tony's on the Pier has been a familiar and favorite eating place on the Redondo Beach Pier. Even after the great pier fire in 1988 destroyed two-thirds of the pier, Old Tony's survived and its neon sign was lit just as bright as before.

According to this article, the City is looking to spur revitalization with new investment, so existing businesses like Tony's will not have their long term leases extended. To answer questions or concerns about the fate of Old Tony's on the Pier whose lease expires next February, email the Redondo Beach City Council. June 7, 2011

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