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Roadside Giants Midwest


Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Downtown, in front of a closed old-style brewery on Highway 35 is Gambrinus, the King of Beer. Much more elaborate than J.J. the King of Beepers out west.



Giant Pan Fish
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

What a catch! Here's a nice shot of a giant Pan Fish off Highway 35 in Onalaska, Wisconsin. The colors on this fish make is stand out from a distance.





Sinclair Dino
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Sinclair is home to "Dino", which has been Sinclair's logo since 1930. Check out this huge dino, protruding from the front of this Sinclair Gas Station in Wisconsin dells, WI. 03-06


Chatty Belle
Neilsville, WI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's Chatty Belle, a 16 foot high cow that will chat on about dairy products. If you're looking to converse with a cow, check out Chatty Belle in Neilsville, WI. 03-06



Gilboa, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this giant Cow in Gilboa, OH. This cow is frequently used by locals as a point of reference for directions. 03-07



Water Tower
Circleville, OH
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is the pumpkin painted water tower in Circleville, OH. Every autumn for almost 100 years they have held a pumpkin festival here called "The Pumpkin Show" so why not paint the water tower as a gigantic pumpkin, complete with stem? Check out the Circleville Pumpkin Tower as the cars park around it. 03-07



Sterling Cow
Wauseon, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

This portable giant cow was found in front of the Sterling gas station in Wauseon, OH. 03-07




Campbell's Soup
Napoleon, OH
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Napoleon is the location for the giant can of Campbell's Tomato Soup. This is where it is made and the entire area smells like, you guessed it, tomato soup. 06-07












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