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Bowling Alleys Midwest

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Clique Bowling
St. Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Clique Bowling center in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a neighborhood hangout. The neon sign still works at this ten pin alley.


Howell, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Bowledrome is another ten pin alley that maintains its business by keeping up with the trends. Check this place out and enjoy a night of neon or glo bowling. Or at least stop by the lounge and marvel at this vintage sign.






Tropicana Lanes
Clayton, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Tropicana Lanes Bowl is a vintage bowling alley... the likes that have been run over by AMF in recent years.


Tropicana Lanes
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

In St. Louis, MO right near Route 66 is a classic bowling alley Tropicana Lanes. Featuring the eye-catching "BOWL" lettering, this treasure may be endangered as AMF's lettering is now on it.

One of the owners also owned the Lucky Strike Bowl of Hazelwood, MO. Unfortunately, the Lucky Strike has been gone for a while and the building is now subdivided.

Here's the website for Tropicana Lanes on Clayton Road.



Echo Lanes Bowling Alley
Warren, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Warren, Ohio appears to be a town with many great roadside sights to see. "Classic tiered sign" depicts this classic sign to a T. If you happen to travel through for a visit, check out Echo Lanes for a quick game or three. Or else drop by the lounge for a few drinks. Just don't drive for a while afterwards. Bowl a few games instead.



Metro Bowl
Crystal Lake, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

To the right is the Metro Bowl of Crystal Lake, IL. Another fantastic Bowling Alley marquee, this sign sports both pin and ball. How can you pass up a few games of ten pin bowling after seeing this sign! The sign also appears to be in good condition.


Elgin, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Bowlway is located in Elgin, Illinois and is still thriving. The sign on the front facade is a bit deco looking.

Not sure if the neon still works, though it appears to be in good condition.










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