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Roadside Men Midwest

Welcome to Roadside Icons Midwest. In this section of Roadside Peek, check out the Muffler Men from the great Midwestern part of the United States.


Gemini Giant
Wilmington, IL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66Wait, who's this 20ft tall fellow in the spaceman outfit standing outside the Launching Pad restaurant? It's none only than the Gemini Giant standing watch over the Mother Road.



Lumberjack Products
Ozarks, MO
Photo courtesy Tim Thompson

Route 66This lumberjack poses on Route 66. Perhaps you can request his help the next time you need to chop down some firewood. Mr. Lumberjack Products Man is located at Lumberjack Products near the Ozarks. It tough to catch him under good weather though as it constantly rains in these parts.



Stan the Man Uniroyal Girl
Mt. Vernon, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This Uniroyal Girl is similar to the Roadside Men that dot the country. This rather fashionable figure features a doo and looks like she's doing a step to the Lovin' Spoonful's Do You Believe In Magic.



Lauterbach Big Man
Springfield, IL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66This big man stands in front of the Lauterbach Tire business near Route 66 in Springfield. He appears rather happy holding his tire at the smallish travelers passing by.



Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

This Hot Dog guy is carrying a huge hot dog in bun alongside Route 66 in Chicago.





Sparkle Lube Man
Connersville, IL
Photo courtesy Dave Huber

If you're ever on a road trip in Indiana, make way over to Sparkle Lube Center in Connersville. Sparkle Lube is home to the Sparkle Lube Man, looking dapper in a fitted red sports coat and red hat. A visit to the Sparkle Man is worth the trip alone, even if your car doesn't need the lube and tune.

Many thanks to Dave Huber for the photo.



Big Jack
Along Route 66 in MO
Photo courtesy Tim Thompson

Strong enough to hold cars, Big Jack stands advertising what look to be campers and motor homes.



Jack RV (The Rental Store)
Muncie, IN
Photo and info courtesy Ross Trimboli

Muncie, IN is home to this roadside man with a Jack RV on his shirt. He stands guard over a Mac Allister equipment dealer called The Rental Store at the intersection of I-69 and Indiana 332. The current business is a heavy equipment dealer and rental outlet. The previous business was Jack Smith and Sons RV Sales, hence "Jack RV". 05-06












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