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Roadside Water Towers Midwest


Water Tower
Circleville, OH
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is the pumpkin painted water tower in Circleville, OH. Every autumn for almost 100 years they have held a pumpkin festival here called "The Pumpkin Show" so why not paint the water tower as a gigantic pumpkin, complete with stem? Check out the Circleville Pumpkin Tower as the cars park around it. 03-07







Water Towers
Milan, OH and Rantoul, IL
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out a couple of water towers found in the Midwest. The photo at the near left is that of the water tower located in Milan, OH, which is the birthplace of Thomas Edison. The smiley bulb face at the far right is the tower found in Rantoul, IL. 06-07



Water Tower
Burr Oak, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the water tower located in Burro Oak, MI. 02-08



Water Tower
Fowlerville, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Fowlerville, MI is home to this water tower. 02-08








Water Tower
Ashley, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Ashley is one of the places you can a water tower painted like a 70's smiley face. This town is quite proud of this as evident by the welcome sign greeting you as you near downtown. This is the only smiley face tower I have seen that wears a bow tie. 02-08








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