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Roadside Giants Midwest

Welcome to Roadside Icons Midwest. In this section of Roadside Peek, check out the street character treasures from the great Midwestern part of the United States. Many thanks to Dave Pophal and Dirk Burhans for the following images and info.


Sparta Bicyclist
Sparta, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Remember the old time bicycles... the kind with the big ol' wheel in the front? Well, get a glimpse of the past at this huge Bicycle Rider in Sparta, Wisconsin. Sparta is known as the "Bicycling Capital of America."



Fresh Fish Hall of Fame
Hayward, WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Fresh Fish Hall of Fame can be found in Hayward, WI. This huge fish can also be found outside, large enough to compete with anything out of Jurassic Park.



Rock Island, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

This statue is found right outside a Rock Island, IL shopping center. An interesting visual delight.



Noah's Ark
St. Charles, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

A roadside sight to see is Noah's Ark in St. Charles, MO. Check out this shot of the giraffes as they peer out onto the roadside.



World's Largest Penny
Woodruff, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Woodruff, WI is home to the World's Largest Penny. At least what looks to be the world's largest. Imagine if this 1953 edition was worth its weight in ... copper.




Whatta Loon!
Mercer, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Ever thought that loons could get huge? Well think again. This Loon in Mercer, WI is a big one indeed. This huge statues is found in front of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce.

Hungry after a road trip? Appetite large enough to fit Paul Bunyan? Well, if you're fortunate



Citgo Cow
Janesville, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Here's a huge cow over in Janesville, WI. Nice friendly looking cow stands tall in front of Citgo on Highway 26 near the entrance to the Ramada Inn & Hoffman House.



DeForest Elephant
DeForest, WI
Photo courtesy Dave Pophal

Ever seen an Elephant with glasses? Well, over in DeForest, WI, you can. Here's a nice pink rather studious looking elephant that's located on the property of a gas station.













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