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Ghost Signage Midwest


Crenshaw's General MDSE
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Let's see... first Coca-Cola and now advertising for Pepsi. Wall murals such as this found at Crenshaw's General Merchandise are a great reminder to the century past. 03-01



Goodrich Service Station
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The ghost of the Goodrich sign was downtown a block or two from the Renaissance Center. 03-07



Willy's Overland Service Building
Detroit, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Located in Detroit is this ghost sign for the Willy's - Overland service building. This building and the sign were restored last year as the building was being converted to condo's. 06-07



Millers Market
Whitehouse, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's an old ghost sign on the side of the Millers Market located in Whitehouse, OH. 03-07




Klef Bros Drugs
Kansas City, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This ghost sign for Klef Bros Drugs is found on the building that houses the Club Mardi Gras in Kansas City, MO. 11-07



Henry George Cigars
Rochester, IN
Photo courtesy Doug Harvey

This jewel for Henry George 5 Cent Cigars is located in Rochester Indiana on the side of a building on main street, The large sign is mostly faded now was for a brand of cigars popular in the early 1900's with the instantly recognizable "Mail Pouch" sign. 04-08





Overland and Willys Knight Service Station
Detroit, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a ghost sign favorite for the Overland and Willys Knight service station (repair garage). The photo on the left was taken in July 2005. The second picture is from this past May 2008. As you can see the sign has now been restored as the building is being converted into lofts. You will also notice another floor has been added. 07-08



Hannibal, MO
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is a picture I took of an old Wrigley's ghost sign on the side of a The Goddard Grocer building in Hannibal, MO back in the Spring of 2006. I was standing on the levee when I took this. A few days ago, I was watching the news and they showed this place with water lapping at the sign! If you look at the door to the left, you can see the water had to be about eight feet deep at this point. 07-08










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