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Shopping Center Signage Midwest

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Town & Country Shopping Center
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This old marquee used to sit outside the Town & Country Shopping Center.



Mission Shopping Center
Kansas City, MO
Photo courtesy David Johnson

The Mission Shopping Center marquee in Kansas City used to stand tall back in the 1980's, but was torn down to make room for an enclosed mall. Once upon a time, huge marquees such as this one used to advertise the neighborhood shopping center, but in this day and age, plastic signs have become all the rage.



Country Club Center
Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Sometimes shopping center signs represent the best throwback reminders to a previous era. In this case, the Country Club Center in Springfield, MO is a fine example of what the local shopping center signs used to look like before the onslaught of back-lit plastic boxes.



Plaza Shopping Center
Lancaster, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Sometimes it seems like if there's a major city or town, there's a Plaza Shopping Center and some form of a shopping center sign.



North Plaza
Canton, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Well, Lancaster and Canton, Ohio don't disappoint! These Plaza marquees show much character and are very different from each other.



Beechwold Plaza
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Michael Sekeres

The marquee for the Beechwold Plaza in Columbus, OH is one of the "clock" types that for some reason never seem to work. This one is no exception.



Airway Centre
St Louis County, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Airway Centre is a rather eye-catching sign out in St. Louis county. If this marquee looks familiar, it's because it was once the main sign for the Airway Drive-in Theatre in Saint Ann. This drive-in lasted for over 30 years and closed down sometime in the 80's. 10-05



8900 Shopping Plaza
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

Check out this sign for the 8900 Shopping Plaza on Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. 03-07















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