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Neon signage Midwest


Git N Go
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Chris King

Two popular convenience store chains started in Tulsa, OK in the late 50s. One was Quik-Trip, which is successful. The other was Git-n-Go which has finally called it quits. Of the two, Git-n-Go had the cool sign with the "running boy neon signs" theme. The majority of these signs were destroyed in the early 80s to be replaced by a cheap plastic sign with a red light-green light logo.



Janet Davis Cleaners
Berkley, MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

The Janet Davis Cleaners is just one of many cleaners in the Detroit area which sport a neon sign.



C. Davis Trailers
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The marquee for C. Davis Trailers is a must see at dusk. This place rents trailers.



Glo Dry Cleaning
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

This eerie looking sign stands in front of the Glo Dry Cleaning building. Half segmented worm, have Three Mile Island, the Glo lives up to its name and glows in the dark.



Pierce Cleaners
Columbus, OH
Photo and info courtesy Michael Sekeres

Here is the Pierce Cleaners, located on North High St. in Columbus near Worthington. They change the funny sayings on their sign frequently.



Roush Hardware
Westerville, OH
Photo courtesy Michael Sekeres

Check out the neon front of Roush Hardware of Westerville, OH. Like many of the old storefronts of yesteryear, Roush advertises its products both day and night.



Clairmount Laundry
Berkley, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this neon shot of the Clairmount Cleaners. The neon will catch your eye at night so you can bring your laundry in early the next morning. 04-01



Hope Rescue Mission
South Bend, IN
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

The Hope Rescue Mission in South Bend, IN lights up the street with neon. 06-05



Michigan News Agency
Kalamazoo, MI
Photo courtesy Michelle K.

Here's a streamline neon sign for the Michigan News Agency, located along Michigan Avenue in Kalamazoo.

According to the marquee, the Michigan News Agency has been around since 1947. 06-05









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