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Roadside Cleaners Midwest


Lord Chesterfield Tailors
Warren, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Headed for a special event or need to give your garments an overhaul? If you're in Warren, Ohio, Lord Chesterfield is the place for your tailoring needs.



MGM Cleaners
Royal Oaks, MI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this zapper of a sign at the M-G-M Cleaners in Royal Oaks, MI. This roadside cleaners features 2 day service. Yes, that is 2 days service.




Sudden Service Cleaners
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Columbia, Missouri and Columbus, Ohio is home to Sudden Service Cleaners. Sudden Service Cleaners also rents tuxes.



Uptown Laundry
Grand Rapids, MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

This location of Uptown Laundry on Division Ave. had this sign over the entrance.



Micky Cleaners
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Micky Cleaners boasts 5 hour service on its cleaning services. A definite reminder to the era when customer service was key to survival along the old main street.



Sunshine Cleaners
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here, Sunshine Cleaners advertises 6 hour services. Hopefully quality will make up for the 1 hour difference.



Trim n' Tidy Cleaners
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo

Check out the marquee for the Trim n' Tidy Cleaners in Chicago, IL. Looks like this place offers same day service.



State Cleaners
Martins Ferry, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out the State Cleaners of Martins Ferry, OH. Not only is this a great shot of a grand marquee, there's a special shot of one of Roadsidepeek's special contributors... yes... it's Steve Felder there shooting in the background! 11-00














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