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Roadside Characters Rocky Mountains


Dinah at her new home
Photo courtesy Shawn Church

The photo on the left depicts the old "Dine-A-Ville" dino that once graced an old roadside motel. This mobile dino was moved all the way to the other end of town to greet visitors. If you're on real friendly terms with this amicable dino, just call her "Dinah".

Here is a photo of what our mobile dino once looked like at the old Motel Dine-A-Ville.



Dubois, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This friendly looking jackalope looks like everyone's friend. Who can resist this kind face. (We're talking about the brown animal sitting on its haunches) This guy can be found along the highway in Dubois, WY.






Wendover Will
Wendover, UT/NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here are a couple of shots of Wendover Will at night. Wendover is one of the three famous neon cowboys that grace Nevada. In this case, Wendover Will is located along the border of Utah and Nevada. 09-06

(Far left) Wendover Will pointing the way

(Near left) A close-up shot of Will's face






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