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Burger Joints Southeast


Rawleigh's Burger Grill
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

This burger joint serves catfish every Friday. Can't beat that. Best of all, Rawleigh's Burger Grill features an immense sign that still points the way in.



Mooresville, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

You've heard of Lot-A-Burger. How about What-A-Burger? Check out this roadside sign and drive in eatery located in Mooresville, NC. This place serves up cherry and lemon burgers... or is that some type of drink? This joint is part of a burger chain and stretches into other states.





Big Chief
Gadsden, AL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Big Chief is a burger barn located off the roadside in Gadsden, AL. If you're in town, you may want to and give this place a shot and pick up a burger or two.

(Far left) Check out the themed marquee out front.



Hi Lo Burgers
Abingdon, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this sign for the Hi Lo Burgers in Abingdon, VA. The sign looks rather well worn, but still shows the colors that made it so eye-catching to hungry travelers. 03-06



Dizzy Whizz
Louisville, KY
Photo and info courtesy Rosalind Causey

This is a classic burger joint in Louisville, KY called Dizzy Whizz. It has curb side service and has been open since 1947. 12-06



Pal's Sudden Service
Kingsport, TN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

Pal's Sudden Service has been around since 1956. This stand is one of the more modern ones. Check out the Pal's Hamburger Man on top of the roof. 10-06


UPDATE 07/08 : This Pal's Sudden Service was the 2nd in the chain and is affiliated with Johnson City's #5 that opened up in 1990. More information can be found on the Pal's website. 07-08



Myrtle Beach, SC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The burger on the sign is without a doubt the most detailed giant burger I have come across although this one is a bit curious since the burger contains a drumstick. Anyway I am not sure what the theme of Oscars is meant to be thanks in part to the clock with a smiley sun over the door. 05-07

(Near right) A close-up of the clock

(Far right) The marquee at Oscars








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