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Burger Joints Southeast


Pal's Sudden Service
Johnson City, TN
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Pal's Sudden Serviceis a popular drive-thru in Johnson City, TN serving up burgers, dogs, milk shakes, and even breakfast. This Pal's is #5 in the chain and is affiliated with the location along Lynn Garden Drive in Kingsport, TN with the giant fiberglass man on the roof. 07-08



Raleigh, NC
Photo and info courtesy Tait Hilliard

This is a sign using the old style logo for Hardee's.  It is on Creedmoor Road in Raleigh NC.  This logo is not seen these days. 08-08



Carter's Hamburgers
Alma, GA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This is a familiar roadside sign that stands outside of Carter's Hamburgers in Alma, GA. Stop by here for a burger or two while you're traveling through Alma, GA. Just look for the ice cream cone on top of the tall sign. 11-10









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