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Neon eateries southeast


Tee Pee Restaurant
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Under the neon Tee Pee, patrons will be pleasantly surprised by the Tee Pee Restaurant's service, atmosphere and food. It is located on Highway 441 North in the heart of the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. They offer fresh local salmon, an inexpensive buffet, tasty club sandwiches and also claim to have the "Largest Salad Bar" in all of Cherokee. Eaters can either dine inside the family style restaurant or sit on a deck out back over a stream. Indian dancers can be spotted performing across the street at a gift shop during the summer months.






Burgers Shakes
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

This neon sign shines from the top of this burger stand advertising its 79 cents burgers and shakes. These days, there's not much you can get for under a buck.



Cox Family Restaurant
Morehead City, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice shot of the neon marquee for the Cox Family Restaurant in Morehead City. This place may be worth a stop. If not for the food, then at least for a look see at the neon house depicted on this sign.


Parkette Drive-in
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Scott Leigh

Here's a neon shot of the famous Parkette Drive-in of Lexington, KY. This restaurant still features its car friendly canopy, and the neon lettering and character will catch the weary eye of the hungry roadside traveler.



The Varsity
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Open since 1928, The Varsity is a good greasy spoon of a drive-in eatery in the Atlanta, GA area. Located near the Georgia Tech campus, The Varsity and its neon front entrance is a welcome sight to many a hungry belly.



Air Devils Inn
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's a neon shot of the Air Devils Inn in Louisville, KY. Opened for business since 1934, the Air Devils is a bar serving up drinks and original music bands. Word is that the Air Devils was also once a school back in the day.



Corky's Bar-B-Q
Memphis, TN
Photo and info courtesy Sherry McGee

Here's Corky's Bar-B-Q. Pulled pork, wet or dry ribs. They even ship to most any location via Federal Express. I have a friend who lives in Grand Forks, ND. He orders from them several times a year. 07-06











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