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Foods of the Orient Northern California


Chinese Food
Belmont, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

This tall marquee advertises Chinese Food for this presumably Chinese food restaurant in Belmont. 03-06



Cheung Heng
Hollister, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Cheung Heng is a Chinese restaurant located in the town of Hollister, CA. Check out the dragon images on t he restaurant front. 04-06



Asia Cafe
Napa, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's the Asia Cafe located in Napa, CA. Check out the neon sign on this gem. 01-07



On Sang Poultry
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Here's a shot of the On Sang Poultry in the famous San Francisco Chinatown area. 06-07



Blue Sky Restaurant
Campbell, CA
Photo courtesy Heather David

The Blue Sky Restaurant in Campbell, CA still features an old marquee located off the road. Check out the starburst on top and the eye-catching colors. 07-08



Far East Restaurant
Stockton, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

This old sign displaying "fine food" has been located along this main drag in Stockton for years. Today, the Far East Restaurant occupies the building. 08-09












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