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Other Roadside Motels Northern California

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Knotty Pine Motel
Stockton, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out the Knotty Pine Motel in Stockton, CA. This sign is a pretty good size and can be seen from blocks away. Well, at least 1/2 a block away.



Solano Lodge
Fairfield, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here's a classic motel sign for the Solano Lodge. Check out the lettering on this one.



Glass Slipper Inn
Palo Alto, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Glass Slipper Inn looks to be a Palo Alto landmark. Not sure how long this place has been around, however.





White Cottage Motel
Vallejo, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The White Cottage Motel in Vallejo, CA still features an old sign with broken neon. Once probably quite a motor cottage for guests, this motel appears to be a shell of its former self.

(Far left) A day shot of the White Cottage Motel sign showing off its orange sign



Silver Maple Motel
Bridgeport, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Further down the street, the Silver Maple Motel sign stands out in both its rich colors and lettering.



West Walker Motel
Walker, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The West Walker Motel is located in .. you guessed it.. Walker, CA. It's conveniently located right off the 395.





Andruss Motel
off the 395, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Don't quite remember where this motel is at, other than its off the 395. This sign for the Andruss Motel still appears to be in great shape.. perhaps new.


UPDATE 04/06 : The Andruss Motel is in Walker, California on US Hwy 395.  The sign was erected in 1960 when Ray and Margaret Andruss bought "Hickson's Fish Camp" (built in 1957) and expanded the four room, knotty pine, rustic board and batten ranch style building into the "All modern...Water Cooled, Thermostatically Controlled Heat" with  "Heated Pool, Lounge Room with TV, Inn Room Coffee, Excellent Hunting and Fishing Area, " 12 unit, birch paneling, modern American Motor Court.  We are the seventh owners. - Mary Dayhoff Many thanks to Mary Dayhoff for update. 04-06









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