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Burger Joints Southern California


The Munch Box
Chatsworth, CA
Photo and info courtesy Adriene Biondo

Here's the Munch Box of Chatsworth. The Munch Box hamburger stand (circa 1956) has been added to the Cultural Heritage Commission's list of historic-cultural monuments.

The L.A. Times article says that Councilman Hal Bernson presented the motion to preserve it and even wrote that it's "an integral part of the old Chatsworth community and a direct link with its past. These types of establishments that once abounded virtually no longer exist and are only seen in old photographs or movie clips." The article added that "The red-and-yellow burger stand, with its distinctive jet-age overhang, once sported a hitching post where local equestrians could tie their horses while they downed chili dogs and secret-recipe root beer. Local ranchers Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were among its celebrity patrons. The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the motion, without discussion. More than 1,500 residents signed petitions to save this hamburger stand.



Covina, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the roadside stand for Bud's. Hungry for some burgers? Then Bud's is the place.



Chris's Burgers
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

A sign still in good shape is that of Chris's Burgers, also featuring the typical drive-thru service of today.



Sandy's Burgers
North Hollywood, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a sign for Sandy's Burgers in North Hollywood, which seems to not have been open for quite some time. One day, perhaps these backlit plastic signs will become rare... or maybe not.





Downey, CA
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio


A fast food section isn't worthy without the rainbow room itself. The golden arches. The Ronald of burgers. Yes, we are talking McDonald's. A couple of historical sites made the worthy list here. One of the oldest, the McDonald's in Downey still has Speedee sitting by an arch. A museum is located right next door.

(Far left) The marquee at the Downey McDonald's on a dreary day



San Bernardino, CA
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Check out this look-see at a mystery McDonald's location. The signpost still says "15 cents." Is this gem a relic or a flashback to a relic?

This sign is located somewhere along Route 66 (like the McDonald's Museum in San Bernardino).

Mc Donald's
San Bernardino, CA
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger


Here' s another shot of the marquee at the McDonald's Museum in San Bernardino, CA. 06-07









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