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Other Roadside Signage Southern California


Empire Furniture
Burbank, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out this old building housing Empire Furniture in Burbank, CA. The marquee atop also is a flashback to the day when the shape of signs reflected the name of businesses.



Dri-Powr (Gone)
Azusa, CA
Photo and info courtesy Dan MacPherson

Check out the Dri-Powr sign just off of Route 66 in Azusa, CA. The sign with the genie stopped being lit during the energy crunch of the 70's. Unfortunately, this business is no longer around.




Camera Exchange (Closed)
Studio City, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Studio City Camera Exchange, a venerable old photo store still making good business in where else but Studio City, CA. This store is located on busy Ventura Blvd which is an old artery from the past.


UPDATE 05/06 : Since opening in 1946, the Studio City Camera Exchange has been a Valley institution. Unfortunately, like many of the old shops, the Camera Exchange shut its doors February 28, 2006. 05-06

UPDATE 10/10 : The Camera Exchange is not just closed, but the signage has been removed from the building. 10-10



Pete's Finishland
San Bernardino, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco

Here is a photo of Pete's Finishland, located in San Bernardino, CA. This location features a very nice loo

king vintage sign featuring a working clock.



Zlaket's Food Market
Garden Grove, CA
Photo and info courtesy Rene Carrasco

Check out this vintage market located in Garden Grove, CA. Zlaket's Food Market is still in operation and Family owned for decades in Historic Main Street.



Ben Key Pools
Anaheim, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco

Located in Anaheim is the Ben Key Pools and its eye-catching sign. Notice the nice star on top of this fine sign and the interesting name in relation to the "bent key" in the sign.



Highgrove Court
Highgrove, CA
Photo courtesy David Carrasco

The Highgrove Court trailer park, located in Highgrove, features a rooftop sign and colors dating back a few decades. Not sure what the trailer park is like but the the sign itself will catch your eye to stop.









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