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Bygone Retail East


J.J. Newberry Co.
Oswego, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The J.J. Newberry Co. store in Oswego, NY is classic 50's style script neon. The facade's color is also reminiscent of the mid-century era.





King Kullen
Long Island, NY
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Looking for a good supermarket in the East? Then stop by King Kullen of Long Island, NY. This one of the early locations for this supermarket chain founded in Jamaica, NY.



Norwich, CT
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss


My first thought was of Kresge's but closer inspection proved it to be a former Woolworth's with a facade that was totally intact from at least the 1950s. Norwich was a neat tightly packed downtown built on a hill side overlooking a lake.

This Woolworth's is located on Franklin Square. 08-13







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