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Roadside Institutions East


Animal Hospital
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Colonie, New York's pride and joy. it's the Animal Hospital. And yes, the building does look a bit institutional, although from an angle (and if you squint your eyes) it resembles an ocean liner. Then again, anything could look like an ocean liner if you squeeze your eyes hard enough.



Springfield Town Library (Formerly Spafford Library Building)
Springfield, VT
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Built in 1895, the Springfield Town Library is a brick landmark in Springfield, VT. The library was formerly called the Spafford Library Building. 07-07






Thames Bank
Norwich, CT
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


At one time there must have been some serious money here judging from the quality of the old bank building where it seems no expense was spared, this quality of architecture is usually reserved for large cities.

The Thames Bank was chartered in 1825 and the second banking institution in Norwich. The pictured bank building was built in 1910. See this site for more information. 08-13






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