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Golden Era Shops East


Shoe Town
Photo courtesy Louis DiFazio

Check out the Shoe Town location here.



Long Island, NY
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

In the Lake Success area of Long Island is a shop with a household name of the mid-century. Yes, it's the Singer building which has been under the same ownership for years.



Austin's Homemade Ice Cream
Huntington, WV
Photo and info courtesy John Salvatore

Austin's Homemade Ice Cream is about 2 miles west of Camden Park. It's closed for the season and will reopen in the spring. Fantastic ice cream!



Photo and text courtesy Jay Lin

The Palmquist Jeweler has seen better days. One can imagine how many would be grooms have left these doors with a sparkling engagement ring for their sweetheart. It stands awaiting an unknown fate. If only these treasures of yesteryear could be preserved forever.



Bernie's Army & Navy Store
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Looking for fatigues or a pair of boots? For all your surplus needs visit Bernie's Army & Navy store.




Fashion Care Corp.
Albany, NY
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Check out the familiar "Norge ball" atop the Fashion Care Laundry building. This site is located in Albany, NY.



Shoe Town
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

A classic shop in a classic shopping center, Shoe Town overlooks this center in New Hyde Park. This is the type of place Mom would walk you to for new shoes for school.





Photos and info courtesy Jay Lin

Ben's is no longer a clothing store but it's decaying marquee still exists. The neon and clock will unlikely ever again be in working condition.










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