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Coffee Shops Midwest


Elias Brothers Big Boy
Livonia, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

This gem of a Big Boy marquee is from the Elias Brothers Big Boy in Livonia, MI. More Big Boy gems from the Midwest and East can be found at Roadside Peek's Big Boy East. 04-01



Howard Johnson's
Kirkwood, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

This Howard Johnson's is one of the last remaining restaurants in the country. It is becoming a rare sight indeed to find a Howard Johnson's intact.

This Howard Johnson's location featuring the traditional look is located in Kirkwood, MO.



Morton Grove, IL
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Here's an old coffee shop looking place for Kapps in Morton Grove, IL.



Bek Hee Chinese Restaurant
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Here's a good look at the Bek Hee Chinese Restaurant of Overland, MO. The angular siding is a nice match for the simple, yet elegant sign above.





St Louis, MO
Photos and info courtesy Dirk Burhans

Looking for a nice coffee shop while in the St. Louis area? Then stop by the Parkmoor and relax in a vintage coffee shop setting. Well, no more. The Parkmoor closed in Fall 1999 after 31 years of service. Unfortunately, it looks like this elegant Armet & Davis piece will soon be a Walgreen's.



Frisch's Big Boy
Anderson, IN
Photo courtesy Craig Selvey

Check out the sign and restaurant for the Frisch's Big Boy, located in Anderson, IN. 02-08





Balyeat's Coffee Shop
Van Wert, OH
Photos and info. courtesy Don Walsh

Here is a bit of old neon outside Balyeat's Coffee Shop in Van Wert, OH. It's a very bush place for Saturday lunch but may also be the only place. 07-08










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