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Snacks and Stuff Midwest


Krispy Kreme
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Check out some of the roadside donut shops here at Roadside Peek's Donut Delights Midwest.



Mike's Ice Cream Sandwiches
Olney, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Mike's Ice Cream Sandwiches still sits in Olney, IL. This old sign still looks like it has its neon tubing intact.




Leon's Frozen Custard
Milwaukee, WI
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

A southside Milwaukee landmark, Leon's Frozen Custard features working neon at a drive-in type of roadside eatery. The signage and frozen custard stand are a flashback to an era when drive-in eateries were the norm on a hot summer night, especially those with neon.



Frost Top
Salem, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here's a mug on the roof, a Frost Top mug to be exact. This root beer joint, located in Salem, OH, is a visual refreshment to weary roadside travelers. 11-00



Dairy Queen
Martins Ferry, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

This Dairy Queen is a "classic stand-alone building" and can be found in Martins Ferry, OH. 11-00



Twistee Treat
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here is one of the few remaining Twistee Treat cone-shaped stands that still dot the U.S. Enjoy a refreshing cone while traveling through Illinois. Here's another one located in Florida and a new one added to Roadside Peek in Ohio. This one still appears to be in great condition.



Andy's Custard
Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's Andy's Custard in Springfield, MO. Custard is a delectable desert which strangely is seldom used, if at all, in the West.




Coney Island Custard Shoppe (Removed)
Streetsboro, OH
Photo and info courtesy Mark Hackett

Off Route 14 in Streetsboro, Ohio is Custard's Coney Island Shoppe. Plenty of chain stores, condos, and restaurants surround this happy icon of the past. Great malts and other treats can be enjoyed here throughout the summer season.


UPDATE 05/05 : The owner of the Coney Island Custard Shoppe has sold the business and a chain ice cream store is taking its place. And yes, the sign has been taken down. Word on the street is that the City of Streetsboro wanted the sign removed for some reason. A local historical society (Kent) says the sign is too big to save for their purposes. For now, the sign sits behind the building, laying flat. The neon hasn't worked in years, but the sign was a pleasant reminder of a simpler time. This sign may end up on eBay. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 05-05








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