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Drive-in Eateries Midwest
Check out the Triple XXX Root Beer


Lemon Drop Drive-in
Anderson, IN
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this old marquee for the Lemon Drop Drive-in, somewhat resembling an old "Holiday Inn" sign.



Daly Drive-in
Livonia, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

The Daly Drive-in features the wavy roofline that was so popular doing the 50's and 60's. Check out the way the marquee boomerang appears to point the way in.



Ray's Drive-in
Kokomo, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Ray's Drive-in in Kokomo, IN features a marquee that drives tourists and locals alike to its eating area.



Michael's Goody Boy
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here is Michael's Goody Boy Drive-in, located just south of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Goody Boy is a good stopping point for great burgers and soups. "And just look at that sign!"




Fender's Drive-in
Mishawaka, IN
Photo and info courtesy Steve Lehman

Fenders Drive-In Restaurant, Mishawaka is taking your dining experience back to the good old days. Fender's is the area's oldest surviving Drive-in, originally opened as an A&W in 1952. Fenders is open seasonally from April through September.



Kunkel's Drive-in
Connersville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

Kunkel's Drive-in Restaurant in Connersville Indiana has been serving up "Kunkel Burgers" since 1954. 09-06



Southside Drive-in
Rushville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

The Southside Drive-in in Rushville, Indiana is still going strong after many years. As you can see from the far left photo, the Southside was originally called Miller's Drive-in. 09-06













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