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Foods of the Orient Midwest


Bali-Hai Restaurant
Euclid, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's an interesting shot of the Bali-Hai Restaurant in Euclid, OH. Somewhat tiki in character, this marquee features a Chinese American restaurant.



Orient Chop Suey
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Orient Chop Suey Restaurant features its take out services prominently on its two sided marquee. A nice sign found in Illinois.



Lang Lee Chop Suey (Closed)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1998

The Lee family opened up their Chinese Take Out restaurant Lang Lee Chop Suey around 1960. Three generations of Lee's have worked in this very small building. On Sunday evenings, there would be over 30 people crammed in there waiting to pick up their orders. About 2 years before they closed in the late 1990's, a second location was opened in Orland Park and features a full service sit down dining room. Sadly, this sign wasn't relocated to the other restaurant when the original closed. 04-07


Kitty's Chop Suey
Garden City, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Kitty's Chop Suey is in Garden City, MI. Now that all these places are called "Chinese", you forget Chop Suey was once the standard lingo and Asian favorite. The name Kitty's is certainly not Asian sounding either, a definite throw back to when restaurant postcards would always say "Your host ...." 02-08



Orange Garden
Chicago, IL
Photo and info Chibbqking

Chicago, IL is home to this Chinese restaurant delight called the Orange Garden. Located in the Lakeview area of town, the Orange Garden prominently displays the words "chop suey" on its sign leaving no doubt as to the type of cuisine served here. According to the Chibbqking site, the restaurant appears from the 1950s era with its old black leather booths and dim lighting. 07-09




Cozy Inn
Janesville, WI
Photos courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Cozy Inn is a Cantonese and Hunan Chinese Restaurant located on Milwaukee St. in Janesville, WI. The restaurant is known locally as the oldest Chinese restaurant in Wisconsin and has been in business since 1922. 11-10

(Far left) Check out the blade sign for the Cozy Inn highlighting chop suey

(Near left) The restaurant fits in along this block in Janesville










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