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Roadside Diners Midwest


Orange Diner
Ashland, OH
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

The Orange Diner in Ashland, OH is painted, yes Orange. Ashland is known for their bright pastels and paints schemes, and the Orange Diner is no disappointment.


UPDATE 03/05 : The" Orange Diner" hasn't been in business as a diner since about 1971. The picture here is from when a business was in there called V-Tech, which was a Harley Motorcycle repair shop, hence the Orange and Black color scheme. And it was never known as the Orange Diner. It has been called The Diner, Sherrick's Diner and Peg's Diner. V-Tech moved about 2-3 years ago. It is now a second hand store called The Treasure Chest. I would like to restore it to a diner some day but it needs tons of work. Many thanks to Rich & Wendy Myers, Owner's of The Treasure Chest for this update. 03-05

Orange Diner
Photo courtesy Terry Darakis


UPDATE 02/08 : The Orange Diner still looks to be in fairly good repair, and someone is looking after it with a new coat of paint. It would be wonderful if someone would restore it. Photo taken February 8, 2008. Many thanks to Terry Darakis for photo and update. 02-08



Rocket Diner
Jacksonville, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Rocket Diner still serves customers in Jacksonville, Illinois.




Brownies Diner
Wayne, MI
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

You can find Ford assembly line workers chowing down after their shifts at Brownies Diner in Wayne, Michigan. At the very least, you can't miss the huge arrow on this fine looking sign.


UPDATE 07/07 : Brownie's Diner is in Wayne Michigan. it is not a freestanding diner like a Paramount or Kullman though. Many thanks to Cara Barillas for this update. 07-07

UPDATE 02/08 : Below are a couple of new photos of Brownies Diner in Wayne, MI. Many thanks to Richard Weiss for this update. 02-08

UPDATE 03/08 : Brownie’s Diner opened in 1937 by Brownie himself but sold to the present owner in the 1970’s. Ford Motor has three plants in the town. The help is friendly and the breakfast fare is delicious. Many thanks to Greg Stachura for this update. 03-08


Brownies Diner shot from across the street
Wayne, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Brownies Diner marquee angle
Wayne, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss



Elite Diner
Urbana, IL
Photo and info courtesy Don Gardner

Welcome to the Elite Diner in Urbana, Illinois. Stop by and get a heart attack... not just by the sight of this classic diner but by the huge breakfasts served. Let's see... how about the "Scrambler" consisting of an order of biscuits and gravy, cottage fries, cheese, and topped with two scrambled eggs!











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