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Liquor Store Signage Midwest


Hunters Inn
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Hunters Inn in Gary, IN not only features an eye-catching sign out front but some ghost type signage on the store wall. 10-08





Dekalb Street Liquor Store
Lake Station, IN
Photos courtesy Kevin Heggi

The American flag makes this liquor store and its old sign look rather patriotic as it stands off the roadside in Lake Station, IN. This place is called the Dekalb Street Liquor Store. 10-08

(Far left) The liquor store

(Near left) Close up of the sign



Variety Liquor Mart
Pontiac, IL
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Variety Liquor Mart features this possibly old sign. 10-08



Package Liquor Store
North Judson, IN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

This old neon sign is for the Package Liquor Store in North Judson, IN. Even with just part of the "liquor" part of the lettering lit, the sign beats other modern signs in its ability to catch the eye of passersby. 11-08



Partee Shop
Van Wert, OH
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Here's the Partee Shop and its roadside marquee in Van Wert, OH. This has to be fairly vintage with the old style Dr. Pepper bottle sign making up the largest portion of the sign. 02-09



J Street Liquor
Richmond, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Here's an old familiar sign with the standard advertising for package liquor, beer, and wines. This marquee for the J Street Liquor Store in on the northeast side of town in Richmond, IN. 03-09



Rihm's Liquor
Cambridge City, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Rihm's Liquor sports some unique neon bubbles on its sign and has drive-in service.... does that mean carhops? Rihm's Liquors is located in Cambridge City, IN. 03-09












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