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Other Roadside Motels Pacific Northwest

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Glacier Motel
Fife, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

Here's a motel marquee that well represents its area. The Glacier Motel looks to feature one of the Cascade mountains on top of its sign. Not sure which of the grand mountains is depicted.


Glacier Motel close-up of marquee
Fife, WA
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Cook

UPDATE 11/07 : Here's another shot of the Glacier Motel marquee, located in Fife. 11-07




Cedar Lodge
Medford, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Cedar Lodge in Medford looks out over the main highway. This lodge setting looks rather tranquil.

Though the signage themselves aren't the most unique, they are representative of signage that are both seen today and of what was quite common back in the day.



Cascade Motel (Demolished)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

The Cascade Motel features a motel marquee that is situated rather close to the building.

UPDATE 04/17 : The motel itself shut down almost a decade ago, however the sign was still leaning over Aurora Avenue until recently. The sign is now gone. 04-17



Golden West Motel
Edmonds, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

The Golden West Motel in the town of Edmonds, Washington still features an old sign that looks to be decades old with its familiar motel block lettering. This motel is located on busy US 99.








Wander Inn
Cache Creek, B.C.
Photo and info courtesy Tim Perry

When "wandering" around B.C., don't forget to visit the Wander-Inn in Cache Creek. The cafe is still open despite the fact the motel itself is now closed down.

(Far right) A close up shot of the marquee Wonder Inn

(Near right) A good look at the Wonder Inn from across the lot










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