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Roadside Diners Southeast


Genny's Diner
Louisville, KY
Photo and info courtesy Rosalind Causey

This is a Louisville, KY favorite called Genny's Diner. It is a fun, quirky little place famous for their "frickled pickles" and HUGE portions! 03-07





Blue Ribbon Diner
Mebane, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The neon on the Blue Ribbon Diner stands out on this dreary day in Mebane, NC. 01-08

(Far right) A close-up of the blue ribbon neon marquee

(Near right) Check out the diner



Varsity Diner
Atlanta, GA
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Varsity Diner is located in Atlanta, GA. The building looks to be from the late 30's - early 40's time period with some modern retro-style signs, one of which mentioned the place has been here since 1928. This place was absolutely enormous, imagine a McDonald's with better burgers and about 6 or 8 times larger. 04-08

(Far left) A close-up of the Varsity Diner

(Near left) Another view of the diner



Milford Diner
Milford, DE
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

Here's the diner sign at the Milford Diner in Milford, DE. 08-08



Majestic Diner
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

The Majestic Diner is a landmark of Atlanta that has been around since 1929. The Majestic shows off its familiar phrase "food that pleases" in neon around the outside of the diner. 02-09



Streamliner Diner
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Streamliner Diner is a throwback diner built in 1938. Located at 120 W. Henry St., this 36-seat diner is open serving empty stomachs during day hours on Mondays through Thursdays. 04-09










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