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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


Horne's Restaurant
Port Royal, VA
Photo and info courtesy Tait Hilliard

This Horne's Restaurant is found in Port Royal VA. Horne’s was originally set up in 1960 as competition for the Stuckey’s business which was prominent in the south. This is the only Horne’s left in existence. Great breakfast!. 08-08




Jarret Restaurant (Closed)
Jarret, NC
Photo and info courtesy Tait Hilliard

Jarret, VA is the home to this abandoned restaurant.  The picture doesn't’t do it justice but there is a tree growing through the middle of the Jarret Restaurant now.  There is a sign for a hotel across from it but it is in an overgrown lot. 08-08

(Far right) The Jarret Restaurant sign stands up above the trees

(Near right) Here's a shot taken from down the street



McClard's Bar-B-Q
Hot Springs, AR
Photos courtesy Scott McClard

McClard's Bar-B-Q Restaurant is a family owned business that's been in operation for over 75 years. McClard's has been in the present location since 1942 and originally provided car hop service. Although the drive-in service has now gone, the same fine bar-b-que continues on by the present generations of McClard's See more information at the McClard's Bar-B-Q Restaurant site. 12-08



Pell City Steak House
Pell City, AL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Pell City, AL is home to the Pell City Steak House. Check out the cut on this big ol' steak, which is the marquee for this restaurant. 01-09

(Far left) The steak looking marquee at the Pell City Steak House

(Near left) Here's a shot of the restaurant

The steak house is known for some great food according to various reviews



Big Bull Steakhouse Restaurant
Cropwell, AL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Big Bull Steakhouse Restaurant is located in Cropwell, AL. From the looks of this sign, it must have been quite a sight to see when lit up at night. The Big Bull appeared to be closed. 01-09












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