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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


Hap's Grill
Salisbury, NC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here are a couple of shots of Hap's Grill in Salisbury, NC. Not sure if this is the tiniest burger place (or building) on the planet or not but it has got to be a contender. I have to believe the stairs takes up half of each floor. From the look of the interior, it appeared Hap's had just enough floor space for exactly two tables. 04-08



Granny's Restaurant
Cherokee, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the swooping arrow sign at Granny's Restaurant in Cherokee, NC. This marquee is a can't miss as you come down the highway. 04-08

(Near left) A close up look at the Granny's Restaurant sign in Cherokee, NC



Madison, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Madison, NC is home to this old main street eatery called Bob's Restaurant. 04-08






Big Daddy's
Mooresville, NC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

While Mooresville, NC is known as "Race City USA" you have to leave the downtown area to really see all the NASCAR stuff. Just west of town is Big Daddy's Restaurant and Oyster Bar which is a curious combination of a fish joint and race cars. The sign looks like something you would expect to see at any New England seafood restaurant but the building, with all the style and grace of a modem warehouse and a roof lined with race cars, lets you know immediately that you could only be in NASCAR territory. The owner was there when I stopped by and told us the yellow truck took the number once spot in last years race circuit and as he was a personal friend of the driver, the driver wanted him to have the truck for his restaurant. If you want a seafood with a pinch of NASCAR, this apparently is the place. 05-08




R.O.'s Bar-B-Q
Gastonia, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

This sign for R.O.'s Bar-B-Q in Gastonia, NC features a neon sign with outlines of piggies surrounding the edge. 07-08














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