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Historical Sites Southeast


Sears Roebuck
Memphis, TN
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

Outside of downtown Memphis is the massive Sears Roebuck warehouse. The sign on the top of the tower must been a huge beacon of neon light as it glowed during the golden age of art deco. Unfortunately it has seen better days. I spoke to a caretaker and he informed me it was no longer being used for its original purpose and mostly abandoned. Its surrounding neighborhood has also seen better days. Hopefully it won't see the wrecker's dynamite any time soon.



Planters Peanuts
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Check out this Planters Peanuts factory out in Virginia. A good example of an interesting relic found alongside the roadside. This one is circa 1985.




The Geodesic Dome
Knoxville, TN
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Here are the Geodesic Domes of Knoxville, Tennessee. Looking like something straight out of the atomic age, the Geodesic dome is a real eye-catcher.




Dome Interior
Memphis, TN
Photo courtesy Louis DiFazio

Not sure what the domes are used for these days.

To the left are some photos from the interior of the Geodesic Domes.

Dome Sign
Memphis, TN
Photo courtesy Louis DiFazio



Rock City Barn
Loudon, TN
Photos courtesy Doug Harvey

Here is a couple of barn signs advertising Rock City gardens near Chattanooga TN. A popular tourist stop along the old Dixie Hwy. the older one is on U.S. 11 south of Loudon TN. and the other one is on U.S. 411 near Madisonville TN. Many thanks to Doug Harvey for info. 03-06



Crockett Tavern
Morristown, TN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

If you are ever traveling along on U.S. 11E near Morristown, TN, be sure to check out Crockett Tavern while you are there. This is the boyhood home of Davy Crockett, built by his father John in 1790. This home served as a place for travelers to spend an evening and as a tavern for the locals. Now a museum, Crockett is open from May to October. 04-06











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