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Ruins and Relics Southeast
Lucky Strike Plant


Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Not sure if this is a "roadside attraction" per se, but there's always room for a nice airstream trailer. Here's a fine night shot look at an airstream trailer sitting off the roadside.







The Hampton's Skullbone Store is in Skullbone, TN. So named for a bareknuckle style of fighting which took place in the area. 06-06

Hampton's Skullbone
Skullbone, TN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig


UPDATE 03/07 : At the bottom right are a couple of additional photos of Ruby and Landon Hampton's Skullbone Store, including a painting of two Skullbonians fighting "Skullbone" style...bare knuckled, only blows above the chest were allowed.  Real HE-MAN fighting. Many thanks to Tony Craig for info and update. 03-07

Hampton's Skullbone Another View
Skullbone, TN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Hampton's Skullbone Painting
Skullbone, TN
Photo courtesy Tony Craig



Coca-Cola Plant
Elberton, GA
Photos courtesy Doug Harvey

Here is an old Coca-Cola bottling plant located in Elberton Georgia. The plant closed sometime in the 70's and is now being used as a church. Elberton is known for it's Granite, so it was only fitting for the plants sign to be carved in granite. Many thanks to Doug Harvey for info. 03-06



Coffey Store
Edgemont, NC
Photo and info courtesy Tony Craig

The Coffey Store is in Edgemont, NC on a dirt road way up in the mountains. It took about 45 minutes on the dirt road to get there. 06-06












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