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Coffee Shops Northern California


Sacramento, CA
Photo and info courtesy Mark Fahey

Here is the Lyons Restaurant on the corner of El Camino Ave and Watt Ave in Sacramento. It closed in 2004, and now this beauty of Googie style sits waiting. This is as it appears October 2005 and may eventually be torn down. Ironically, a graffiti artist has painted the word "HOPE" on the side kitchen door. 10-05

See more at at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures: Lyon's Restaurant.



Denny's Restaurant
Mountain View, CA
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Here's another of the Armet and Davis styled Denny's, still in pristine shape.



Hunter's Grill (Closed)
Yuba City, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's the Hunter's Grill of Yuba City. This coffee shop was once a Sambo's Restaurant. The side view looks like a polygon version of a boomerang. Many thanks to Mark Fahey for the Sambo's ID.


UPDATE 11/17 : The Hunter's Grill in Yuba City closed down and is now home to a Waffle Barn restaurant. 11-17



Country Waffles
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy John Flores

The Country Waffles looks like an old mid-century coffee shop from the outside. Setting foot into the interior brings you into a dining area that very well could have been an old 60's coffee shop hangout.

Below are more images of the front facade and interior of the Country Waffles. 11-05

Country Waffles close-up
Photo courtesy John Flores


UPDATE 04/09 : The Country Waffles on El Camino Avenue used to be a Walt's Restaurant, which was similar to Denny's. Many thanks to Heather Campbell for update. 04-09


Country Waffles interior
Photo courtesy John Flores



Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy John Flores

Here are some pictures of a classic International House of Pancakes building on El Camino Ave. in Sacramento. It is across the street from the Lyons building. Although it has been remodeled some, it still does have that classic IHOP look to it. 06-06










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