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Roadside Taverns Northern California


Jazz Bar
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out this sign at the Jazz Bar in San Francisco. 02-07



Plaza Hof Brau
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Chris Sampang

Check out the Plaza Hof Brau, a pub located off the roadside in Sacramento, CA. 03-07



Alex's 49er Inn
San Jose, CA
Photo courtesy Heather David

The sign lights the way in at Alex's 49er Inn in San Jose, CA. 07-08



Town Pump
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out this unique sign in front of the Town Pump. 09-08




Jacques Bar
Newark, CA
Photo and info courtesy Michael Campbell

Here's the marquee for Jacques Bar on Thornton Avenue in Newark. Other than the neon martini glass, there's nothing spectacular about this sign, but it's located in the hottest part of once vibrant Old Newark. Thornton Avenue was always a lively place. Jacques was formerly The Marmist. 02-09





The Silver Dollar
Union City, CA
Photo and info courtesy Michael Campbell

Union City is home to another roadside gem of a sign located at an old bar. Check out this marquee at the Silver Dollar Bar, complete with a silver dollar image embedded into the sign. The Silver Dollar Bar is found in the Alvarado District of Union City. 02-09



Joe's Corner
Fremont, CA
Photo and info courtesy Michael Campbell

Here's an old vintage 1940's sign located in Fremont, CA. Joe's Corner is a bar found in the Niles District of Fremont still featuring an old neon sign. 02-09



Viper Lounge
Hayward, CA
Photo and info courtesy Michael Campbell

Here's the neon sign for the Viper Lounge in Hayward, CA. The Viper is located just up the street from the now closed and shuttered Hayward Bowl and was all aglow, but strangely closed. 02-09









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