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Roadside Taverns Northern California


The Spur Lounge
Yuba City, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Yuba City is home to The Spur Lounge and this eye catching sign. The Spur is located in downtown Yuba City. 12-10



Stockton Club
Fair Oaks, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Check out this sign for the Stockman Club in Fair Oaks, CA. This neighborhood bar has been a local hangout for many years. 12-10



Petaluma, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's an old Saloon sign from the Northern California town of Petaluma. 12-10



Candlerock Lounge
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Mike & Robyn Howard

Check out this googie building in Sacramento, CA. The Candlerock Lounge is part of the County Club Centre complex, that still features its butterfly styled roof and facade. This pool hall is right next to the Country Club Lanes bowling alley. 07-11




Yolo Club
Stockton, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


The Yolo Club is another one of the West Capitol Avenue businesses with cool signage that has either closed down or had its sign removed due to the West Sacramento sign ordinance in the past 20 years.

The club looks like it opened in the 1930s or 1940s. The Yolo Club was well known for good barbeque spare ribs and steaks. The site of the Yolo Club is now the Salam Market.








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