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July to September 2006

Welcome to Roadside Peek News. This section will feature a news peek of what's happening out on the road. While not pretending to be comprehensive, we hope you'll visit this section from time to time to keep up on just a sample of issues that are roadside related. Don't forget to check out the Roadside Peek main page for the day's update.

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Ohio Art Deco Drive-in Torn Down

09.05.2006 Cleveland, OH - The gorgeous art-deco Miles Drive-In in Cleveland has been torn down.  It stood dormant for years but was razed this past August.  This style of drive-in is the most sought-out, yet the rarest to find (let alone operating).

Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update.

Downtown Vegas Structures May Fall

09.05.2006 Las Vegas, NV - These days, Las Vegas appears to be a constant flux. According to the February 7, 2006 edition of the Las Vegas Business Press, the Hotel Nevada, Queen of Hearts Hotel, and the Ambassador East Motel on Fremont Street may face the wrecking ball as they're not profitable enough.

Visalia California Loses Another One

08.18.2006 Visalia, CA - First the word came in that the Mooney Drive-in Theatre is shutting its gates for good at the end of August and now the news has come in that the landmark Mearles Drive-in restaurant closed its doors on Tuesday August 15, 2006. Word is that the owners of the restaurant were evicted due to back rent. The future of Mearles appears to be bleak. More news can be found at the website of ABC 30.

Many thanks to Chet Wilson for contact.

Vegas Loses Its Black Jack

08.18.2006 Las Vegas, NV - No city changes as rapidly as Las Vegas, NV. With Vegas rapid development, the old casinos, signs, and businesses that were fixtures from the Vegas mid-century are going by the wayside. The Black Jack Motel along Boulder Highway recently met the same fate as its larger neighbor across the street, the former Showboat and Castaways Casino. The Black Jack Motel is now a pile of rubble.

Many thanks to Chet Wilson for contact.

End of Era for Jack's Salad Bowl

07.31.2006 Whittier, CA - Jack's Salad Bowl has been a Whittier staple for many years. Jack's has now become El Pulpo Restaurant and the Jack's rooftop sign has been replaced with one calling out the new restaurant's name. The new restaurant is being worked on and will be open soon.

One of the interesting parts of driving down Whittier Boulevard was seeing two Jack's restaurants complete with unique roadside signage within a mile of each other. Now there is only one.

Last Summer for the Mooney Drive-in

07.28.2006 Visalia, CA - The word is out that Mooney Auto Theater is closing its gates for good the end of August 2006. It sits on some prime property between Visalia and Tulare. Lots of big business going on out there in the form of major shopping centers and such. The property owner has a new interest which does not involve an outdoor movie theme. People of all ages are extremely sad to see it go and have gone to see the same movie repeatedly just to be at the theater to create a memory with family and friends. There isn't a whole lot to do in our relatively small California town and now there's one less tradition to share and pass on. Think we can still find a few of those peacocks hanging around the shopping center looking for somebody to chase them off around dusk?

Many thanks to Teresa Woods for update.

In California, Drive-in Theatres continue to drop at an alarming rate. Los Angeles, the largest county in the state has just one open drive-in It's a shame to see yet another drive-in movie theatre go.

Another Fallon Nevada Landmark Disappears

07.28.2006 Fallon, NV - The final season for Bob's Root Beer was fall of 2005. The owner sold the property and it is now a used car lot. Rumor is he took the big mug sign and has it in his back yard somewhere.

Many thanks to Frank C. for update.

The Lariat Motel and Roper Drive-in Theatre have also disappeared from Fallon recently.

Roadside News - Sunday, July 16, 2006

McNamara's Pontiac Moves to New Location With Fate of Sign Unknown

Orlando, FL - McNamara's Pontiac has built a new dealership on the other side of town, leaving their beautiful sign standing guard over and empty car lot. Hopefully, they will move the sign to the new dealership.

Many thanks to Sam Mahin for update.

According to this Community Paper article, just the McNamara showroom has been moved. The paint and collision repair center will remain at the same location.





Last Days for the Metro Diner?

Tulsa, OK - The Metro Diner on old Route 66 here in Tulsa will close forever on Friday, September 1st. It's been common knowledge for quite awhile that the University of Tulsa was going to take the land that the diner and several other business occupy. My wife and I had supper there last night and a manager at Metro confirmed the closing date. We sure are going to miss the place.

Many thanks to Mark Erdwin for update.

The Metro Diner was built in the 1980's but has a real mid-century feel to it. It's always a shame to see a Route 66 establishment shut its doors. Word is there is a chance that the Metro Diner will move to a new location.


Eat Now At Waddles No More

Portland, OR - This news was discovered some time ago but was never posted. Better late than never. Waddles, the coffee shop with the fantastic sign that stood out off the I-5 north of Portland, closed its doors on May 23, 2004 and was demolished. Waddles had been in business at this site near Jantzen Beach since 1945. A Hooters has been developed at the site.

According to this site, the famous sign remains. However, it now says "Eat Now At Hooters".




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