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Burger Joints Great Plains


Bronco's Hamburgers
Omaha, NE
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Bronco's Hamburgers is a self serve burger joint in Omaha, Nebraska. Check out the unique sign out front that's still in excellent shape! Don't forget to grab some grub while you're at it.



Dog N Shake
Wichita, KS
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Dog n' Shake features a marquee that may be plain in scope, but with its bold alternating red and yellow colors, this sign certainly captures the eye. This Dog N Shake is located in Wichita, KS.



Coleman's Burgers
Okmulgee, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Coleman's Burgers in Okmulgee, OK not only features a very eye-catching sign on its roof, but "good's food" and "Marvin too!" Not sure who Marvin is though.



Happy Burger
Sapulpa, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This happy sign advertises the Happy Burger in Sapulpa, OK. Check out the eye-catching lettering on this marquee as well as the photo of the burger chef on top of the sign.



Hamburger Inn
Ardmore, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Hamburger Inn in Ardmore, OK is complete with its very green marquee on the side of its building.



Charcoal Oven
Oklahoma City, OK
Photos and info courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Charcoal Oven Hamburgers located in Oklahoma City, OK. Here it sits under a fresh blanket of snow. 02-07









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