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Drive-in Eateries Great Plains


Cheri-Top Drive-in
Muscatine, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Drive-ins are always fun and the Cheri-Top is no exception. This one is found off the road in Muscatine, IA.



Princess Drive-in
Tahlequah, OK
Photo and info courtesy Greg West

The Princess Drive-in is located in the beautiful hill country surrounding Tahlequah, OK and stretching into Arkansas. It is located at Hwy 82 S. of Tahlequah. The menu boasts such treats as hamburgers, double meat hamburgers, fries, onion rings and so on. It is a favorite in that part of Oklahoma. The sign is awesome! 08-06



Charcoal Oven
Oklahoma City, OK
Photo courtesy Bill Jackson

The Charcoal Oven drive-in eatery has been serving up charcoal broiled burgers to folks passing through Oklahoma City for nearly 60 years. Unfortunately, the end is near as Discount Tire has been issued a permit at this site. Opening in 1958, by fonder David Wilson, the Charcoal Oven is scheduled to close in September. 09-16








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