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Sit Down Restaurants Great Plains


Wheel Restaurant
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Check out this classic road stop restaurant, the Wheel Restaurant, complete with roof top signage boldly advertising its services.



Waid's Restaurant
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's a good looking restaurant sign found in Kansas City. This marquee for Waid's Restaurant is roadside advertising at its best.





Happy Chef (Removed)
Mitchell, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Looking to eat somewhere made by a happy chef? Well, you can't beat this Mitchell, SD place then. The Happy Chef sits outside the restaurant waving at passersby and hungry travelers.


UPDATE 03/03 : Word is that the Happy Chef is gone now. Embers Restaurant is using the building and the big statue has been taken away. 03-03



Chef Louie
Mitchell, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Well, if the Happy Chef doesn't' do it for you, how about Chef Louie? Perhaps the personal touch of this chef having a name may make this place worth a stop.







Busy Bee Cafe (Gone)
Dubuque, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Busy Bee Cafe comes complete with a bee hive on the marquee. This cafe was on sale a few years ago, so there are doubts to this Dubuque, Iowa treasure's survival. Hopefully it'll make it to the next millennium.


UPDATE 12/08 : The Busy Bee restaurant had been around since 1915 and closed its doors in 1998. After closing, the Busy Bee opened up in another location but the sign did not follow. The sign was saved and according to the Telegraph Herald is on display at the Old Jail Museum in downtown Dubuque. 12-08



Star Restaurant
Murdo, SD
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an interesting marquee for the Star Restaurant, located in Murdo, SD. If you're looking for some eats, just search for the star.



Chuc Wagun
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Chris King

Off the old Route 66 in Tulsa, the Chuc Wagun serves up it hot roadside food to hungry travelers. At least it used to. The Chuc Wagun, like so many of Tulsa's old Route 66 establishments, is no longer.











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