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Daylight Donuts
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Check out this marquee for Daylight Donuts which looks like an old 50's motel sign in McDonald's colors. The stars appear to be shooting off of this googie sign.



Iowa City, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The coffee ain't great and the donuts aren't special but the sign for Donutland stands out in Iowa City.




Kaisers Ice Cream
Oklahoma City, OK
Photos and info courtesy Chris Small

Here is a vintage ice cream shop called Kaisers Ice Cream in downtown Oklahoma City. It's on the National Registry of Historic Places. Kaisers is also known as the Grateful Bean Cafe.  05-08



Paradise Donuts
Tulsa, OK
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an old sign for Paradise Donuts. Looking for a tasty snack while investigating Route 66 in Tulsa? Then stop here. 08-17












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