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Arrow Bar
Sioux Falls, SD
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Arrow Bar in Sioux Falls, SD features a vintage sign that looks to be from the early century.



Monte Carlo
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

The Monte Carlo Bar's marquee still lights up advertising its services, especially the part in the middle "bar".




Bunker's Music Bar & Grill
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

This old neon sign is for the Bunker's Music Bar & Grill in Minneapolis.



The Imperial Room
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

Here's an interesting sign for The Imperial Room that sniffs of royalty.

How many crown signs do you see around that are in this great a condition?



Cock O The Walk
Oklahoma City, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Cock O The Walk is a well known Oklahoma City establishment that dates back to 1954. According to this website, the Cock O The Walk features good food, drinks, and a place to shoot pool. 11-10









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