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Roadside Cafes Great Plains


Diamond Cafe (Norma's Diamond Cafe) (Gone)
Sapulpa, OK

(Far left) Photo courtesy RoadsidePeek.com 2000
(Near left) Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner 1996

Route 66Sapulpa, OK is home to the Diamond Cafe, also known to Route 66 travelers as Norma's Diamond Cafe. Sadly, Norma passed away on November 23, 2000 leaving the rest of us Route 66 travelers to find another place for a cup of coffee and genuine hospitality famous for the Mother Road. 01-07


UPDATE 10/10 : Norma's Diamond Cafe is now gone and was replaced in 2004 by a business called Trikntrux. 10-10



Hi-Way Cafe
Vinita, OK
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner 1996

Route 66Here's the sign for the Hi-Way Cafe as it looks out over the Mother Road in Vinita, OK. 01-07



Busy Bee Cafe
Hugo, OK
Photo courtesy Chris Small

Hugo, OK is home to the Busy Bee Cafe and this old roadside sign. 10-07






Rock Cafe
Stroud, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Route 66The Rock Cafe has been a roadside and Route 66 landmark since the 1930's. Unfortunately, the cafe burned to the ground the night of May 20, 2008. Hopefully, the owners will rebuild this gem soon. 09-08


UPDATE 05/09 : The Rock Cafe will be open again for business around the end of May 2009 after restoration efforts are wrapped-up. The Rock Cafe has been a vital part of Route 66 since 1939. 05-09



Tally's Cafe
Tulsa, OK
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Tally's Good Food Cafe features a neon sign just above its doorway. Tally's has been a Tulsa, OK staple since 1987,. Word is that founder and owner Tally Alame bought out a restaurant named Mark and Mary's, and the rest is history.

There were rumors in 2015 that the restaurant was closing, but thank goodness it didn't come true. Here's a photo of the Tally's neon lit up. For more information, see the Tally's Good Food Cafe website. 08-17








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