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Roadside Cafes Midwest


The Grill
North Judson, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Here's The Grill, located in North Judson, IN. The Grill states that the food here is "home cooking". This old cafe still has its old colored sign. 11-08



Uptown Cafe
Noblesville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The Uptown Cafe is a popular dining spot in Noblesville, IN. Check out the roadside sign standing outside of the establishment. 02-09




Nite Spot Cafe (Closed)
Fairmont City, IL
Photo and info courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Nite Spot Cafe features a gem of a sign on Collinsville Road in Fairmont City, IL. Word is the Nite Spot Cafe is now closed. 10-09



Somewhere in MO
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Found in the fog of Missouri is this old sign that points the way in to an old roadside cafe... except the cafe is no longer there. 09-08


UPDATE 11/10 : As can be seen below, the unknown cafe sign is that of the Satellite Cafe in Lebanon, MO. 11-10



Satellite Cafe Lebanon MOSatellite Cafe Rocket
Lebanon, MO
Photos and info courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here are photos of the old Satellite Cafe that is located outside of St. Louis near Lebanon, MO. The rocket that was standing back when this photo was taken is now laying on the ground. The Satellite Cafe is located near old Route 66. 11-10

Satellite Cafe
Lebanon, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb



Corner Cafe
Monroe, WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Corner Cafe looks to be an old main street type of eatery. Featuring home cooking, how can any hungry traveler pass up this place. 07-11















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