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Roadside Diners Midwest


Broadway Diner
Columbia MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Broadway Diner is a standard roadside joint found in the Columbia, MO area. May be worth a stop.



Ken's Diner
Birch Run, MI
Photo courtesy Ken & Kathy Decker

Located in Birch Run, MI is a unique type of diner/drive-in eatery and theater that fits 80 cars. Ken's Car Hop Drive-In Theater has been a success with a 36ft wide x 18ft tall screen and car hop service seven days a week. The premier opening film was Thunder Road. Find more info about this '55 O'Mahoney here. 07-06




Elwood Bar and Grill
Detroit, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the Elwood Bar and Grill in downtown Detroit at its new location. It used to be on Woodward across from the State Theatre but was moved in the 1997 at the same time and by the same company that moved the Gem Theatre to make way for the new Baseball stadium Comerica Park. I am still not sure why it was moved or the other buildings demolished as to this day there is nothing on the land they were sitting on.

The Elwood was built in 1936 by Detroit architect Charles Noble and is designed in Art Deco. More info can be found at the Elwood Bar and Grill site. 03-07



Star Diner
Norwalk, OH
Photo and info courtesy Terry Darakis

The Star Diner is a terrific little diner in Norwalk, Ohio at the intersection of State Route 18 and State Route 20 on the near east side of town. It isn't as quaint and fancy as some diners, but it goes back to the early 50's and they have GREAT food and VERY generous servings and prices and the gals that keep it running are really nice folks.

The diner is open early, but ONLY until 2:00 in the afternoon.  For atmosphere and a great breakfast or lunch, it will not disappoint. This is the interior as it appears today. 02-08



Burch's Family Restaurant (Gone)
Gary, IN
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Burch's Family Restaurant was located in Gary, IN. This old diner was a Mountain View. Unfortunately, the diner is now gone.

More photos of the Burch's Family Restaurant are located below. 10-08


Burch's Family Restaurant (Gone)
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

A view from across the way
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Diner shut down
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi










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