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Neon Eateries Midwest


Brownies Diner
Wayne, MI
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

You can find Ford assembly line workers chowing down after their shifts at Brownie's Diner in Wayne, Michigan. At the very least, you can't miss the huge arrow on this fine looking sign. Brownie's is not a freestanding diner like a Paramount or Kullman though.

Brownie’s Diner opened in 1937 by Brownie himself but sold to the present owner in the 1970’s. Ford Motor has three plants in the town. The help is friendly and the breakfast fare is delicious. Many thanks to Greg Stachura for info. 04-09



Russell's Bar-B-Q
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy chibbqking

Russell's Bar-B-Q is known in the Chicago area for its ribs. The neon lettering was working in full during the evening when this shot was taken. 02-09





Janson's Drive-in Hamburgers
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy chibbqking

The neon sign at Janson's Drive-in Hamburgers is red hot. With the marquee in full illumination on this typical busy night, Janson's has been a local landmark eatery for years featuring real Chicago dogs. The service is now take out with some outdoor seating. 02-09



Duk's Hot Dogs
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

Check out this little hot dog stand that looks like it belongs on a boardwalk. Duk's Hot Dogs has been a part of Chicago since 1954 and was once called Donald Duk's. Once Disney got word of the name, they sued Donald Duk's for trademark violation of their venerable character Donald Duck. The owners had named the place after themselves. See this site for more information. 05-09



Rosangela's Pizzeria
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

This pizza joint called Rosangela's Pizzeria has been serving the south side of Chicago since 1955. Rosangela's is located in Evergreen Park. Check out this site for more information on this gem. 05-09





Big Star Drive-in
Kenosha, WI
Photo and info courtesy Chibbqking

The neon sign and bright arrow light the way to the Big Star Drive-in in Kenosha, WI. According to the Chibbqking site, the Big Star is a family owned business that's been around since the 1960's. This drive-in is only open during the summer but is worth a stop for a burger or other fried goodies. 06-09

(Far left) Check out this close-up view of the neon and lighted bulbs on the Big Star Drive-in marquee

(Near left) Cars are lined up waiting for some good eats










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