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Roadside Cleaners Midwest


Brite Way Cleaners
Belleville, IL|
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

This Holiday Inn looking sign belongs to the Brite Way Cleaners. This Belleville, IL treasure is still very eye-catching off the roadside. 10-05



Shea's Cleaners
La Salle, IL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the marquee for Shea's Cleaners, a throwback sort of sign in La Salle, IL. Check out the big arrow that appears to contain several little bulbs. 03-06



Pierce Cleaners
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Sol Bermann

Here is the Pierce Cleaners, located on North High St. in Columbus near Worthington. This cleaners has been in business since the 1940's. 04-06





Arnold Cleaners
Oak Park, MI
Photo courtesy Rick McOmber

Check out the lettering on the front of the Arnold Cleaners. The letters will catch the attention of those looking for a place to clean their shirt. 06-06



Birmingham Cleaners
Birmingham, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Birmingham Cleaners looks like a roadside establishment that's been around for decades. The marquee for the cleaners still appears to be in great shape. 06-09





Janet Davis Cleaners
Berkley, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here are a couple of daytime photos of Janet Davis Cleaners, located in Royal Oak, MI. The side of the cleaners building features nice neon script lettering making it difficult to miss the name of the business. 06-09



La Grange Park Cleaners
Photo courtesy Bruce Cassi

The La Grange Park Cleaners and its old faded out sign still stands off this Illinois road catching the attention of motorists passing through town. 06-09



Boyd Cleaners
Greenville, OH
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Boyd Cleaners features an old neon sign with a bright and bold yellow arrow pointing the way to the business. Check out the neon lettering on this sign. 06-09











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