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Roadside Cleaners Midwest


Norge Cleaners
Hobart, IL
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Here's the familiar Norge Ball at this roadside cleaners found in Hobart, IL. 06-09



Village Cleaners
Hobart, IL
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Hobart, IL is home to another of the old roadside balls with the Norge name on it. The Village Cleaners, in Hobart features a Norge globe in great shape. 06-09




Ranburn Cleaners
Gary, IN
Photos courtesy Kevin Heggi

Check out this shot of the Norge ball at the Ranburn Cleaners in Gary, IN. 06-09



Glen Park Cleaners
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Here's a close up shot of the Glen Park Cleaners and its Norge ball. Yet another one of these balls is found in Gary, IN. 06-09






Garden Cleaners
Evergreen Park, IL
Photos courtesy Bruce Cassi

Check out the Garden Cleaners in Evergreen Park, IL. The Garden Cleaners uses its unique sign off the road to bring customers in. This cleaners is a drive-in type. 06-09

(Far left) A close up of the Garden Cleaners sign

(Near left) A shot of the Garden Cleaners from across the street




Clairmount Laundry
Berkley, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the Clairmount Laundry in Royal Oak, MI. This corner laundry and cleaners still has its neon lettering on the front facade. 06-09



Indian Village Cleaners
Grosse Point Woods, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

This old roadside cleaners shop is a throwback to the era when laundry services were a vital part of main streets across the country. The Indian Village Cleaners still shows off its old sign as a part of its building. 06-09












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